Linear Park

Culcheth Linear Park is a park in the district of Culcheth, Warrington, UK.

Like the Black Bear Park and sections of the Trans Pennine Trail, Culcheth Linear Park is built on former railway line (train) tracks. This park lies on a section of the former Liverpool, St Helens & South Lancashire Railway. Click here for a map of Culcheth Linear Park

Britain's Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway built the line which was first opened to goods in 1878 and was later connected to Wigan central, Glazebrook, Lowton, and Culcheth. At the outbreak of World War II lines were connected to the naval camp at Culcheth and the Royal Ordnance Factory, ROF Risley, at Risley. Following the Beeching Report of 1964 the line was closed and in 1974 Warrington Borough Council converted the land into a new park.

Today it is home to many local community projects and a variety of wildlife, there are also some limited facilities for sport.

Within the stone revetment wall, formerly a waiting room for the Culcheth Station, a series of five mosaics have been set. Each depicts the history of Culcheth Linear Park and tells the story from the construction of the railway to the present day.

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